Friday, August 15, 2014

Pictured above are four Pennsylvanians.  Members of a 4th Marine division Tank Battalion on Iwo Jima, Two of them are Schuylkill County Boys.

As you can see the Sherman Tank is named “ASHLAND”. The tank crew consists of:  Upper left too right, Marine CPRL, Joe Vegso, Phoenixville, Joe Czach, Chester; Lower left and right, Marine Cpl. John Hozella, Pottsville RD2, Jonestown, and Marine Sgt.  And Tank Commander William J. Kellagher, Ashland, Pa.. The tank is named after Kellagher’s home town. Ashland.

Hozell is known to many as “Monk” he has been in the Marines for several years. Sgt.  Kellagher was a former Ashland H.S. and Fordham University football athlete. He has been in action in a number of battles  in the pacific area.