Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spec4 Gary C.Geiger Schuylkill County's Last Soldier Killed In Vietnam


Schuylkill County's Vietnam Memorial

40 years ago on this date Spec4 Gary C. Geiger was killed in action in Vietnam. Gary became New Ringgold’s only casualty of the Vietnam War-And Schuylkill County’s 38th and last man to die in the war.
Gary was a medic in the 3-5 Cavalry, 9th Infantry Division. On this day March 25, 1971, while flying with his crew mates on a Huey med evac helicopter they were shot down by enemy fire during a rescue mission that went bad.
May you rest in Peace. Brother, and let it be known that you are remembered by all who served with you and you will never be forgotten.
Stu Richards Vietnam 1970-71

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