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The 213th Coast Artillery Schuylkill County Men During the Years of Peace. 1922-1941

During the years of Peace
The 213th Coast Artillery

In 1922, both Pottsville’s companies were reorganized, Co. C and D of the 103rd Engineers, The old First Defender Company the Washington Artillery of 1861 became the service battery of the 213th Coast Artillery, And Company H of the 112th Infantry Regiment of WW 1 fame, the old National Light Infantry of 1861 another of the famed First Defenders, became the Headquarters Battery, 213th Coast Artillery. Again August of 1924 they were reorganized to arm the 213th Coast Artillery. During the years that followed the units became highly proficient in there new roll as anti aircraft artillery, with its intricate problems of three dimensional gunnery, tactical organization, material and fire control instruments. Adapting itself to its new assignment and concentrating on training, the companies and regiment soon attained a technique and tactical proficiency which made it second to none and which placed it high among the vital instruments essential to the National Defense of the Nation and State.
The companies along with the regiment followed an intensive training program which include annual field training camps at stations in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey. It participated in the III Corps maneuvers at Heuvelton, New York, near Ogdensburg, and conducted firing practice from Fort Ontario New York. It received a citation from headquarters 28th Division, during the First Army Maneuvers for its High Spirit and usual initiative” and for “the efferent manner in which the regiment gave anti aircraft protection.”
In early December 1942, the 213th Coast Artillery moved from Camp Stewart into the New York Metropolitan area for the defense of the Coast Line. In April 1942 the 213th was split up, many men moved into different branches of the Army; some went into the Engineers, Infantry and other branches. Some cadre stayed behind and rebuilt the 213th coast Artillery. It is hard to trace the men or unit at this point. We know the 213th served in Northern Ireland, Scotland, North Africa, Italy and France. They also participated in the following campaigners: Tunisia, Naples, Foggia, Anzio, Rome-Arno, North Apennines, Po valley Rhineland, Algeria, French Morocco. Eventually the unit was inactivated in 1944 after being in the service of our country for four years. We are quite sure, even though the unit and men from Schuylkill County went in different directions during the war; they served their country and state with dignity and honor, as did their forefathers.

From A History of Pottsville’s National Guard Units.

HQ Battery, Schuylkill Haven Pud Fager 1st Sgt. In Front.

213th Coast Arty Band From Pottsville, Pa.

Machine Gun Battery Firing at Balloons Grand View Beach, Va.

Gun ready for action 213th CA.

Front Row Left to right Irvin MArtin, Ed Armbuster, Norman Golden Francis Francis,unknown , Bob Rowe Vaughan Hipple. 213th

The Boat that took the 213th from Phila, to Fort Monroe Va.

On Board the Chateau Thierry

F.W.D. Trucks taking the boys to the pistol range Ft. Monroe, Va.

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