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Part 2 Cavalry and Artillery soldiers from Schuylkill who served at Gettysburg

This is part 2 of the list of soldiers, the Cavalry and Artillery boys.

Cavalry Regiments from Schuylkill
County That Served
At Gettysburg.

1st. Pennsylvania Cav.
9 Companies Army Headquarters.
344 Engaged 2M

Monument located on Hancock Ave.
" At the opening of the artillery fire on the afternoon of July 3 the Regiment was in line to the left and rear of this position with orders from General Meade to Charge the assaulting column should it succeed in breaking the infantry line."

1. Corp. Henry H. Brownmiller Co. L/ Orwigsburg/ Wounded twice.
2. Corp. John Richards Co. G/ Mahanoy Township./ Wounded and captured 6-24-64 died Andersonville8-17-64
3. Pvt. William Ells/ Co. G/ Orwigsburg
4. Pvt. Joseph H. Lindemuth Co. L/ Auburn.
Mr. Lindemuth was used as the model for the statue of the cavalry man on the 1st. Pa. Monument.
5. Pvt. Reuben Wagner Co.L/ Frackville.
6. Pvt. Samuel Slocum Co. C/ Girardville./ Wounded 6-24-64.

" The first Federal soldier killed in the battle was a cavalryman Ferdinand Usher from the 12th Illinois Cav.. He was struck by a shell."

3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Cavalry Corps, 2nd Div., 1st Brig.
394 Engaged 3k-15wd-6m

Monument located on Gregg Ave. East Cavalry Battlefield.
"July 3rd engaged mounted and dismounted with the confederate cavalry divison on this field from 2 P.M. until evening. Portions of the regiment advancing in a mounted charge and driving the enemy beyond the Rummel Farm Buildings."

Company L
Company L was armed with 264 Sharps carbines during the battle, 165 men carried colt 44 revolver's and 184 men carried colt 36 Navy revolvers. Also they were armed with 332 sabers.

1. 1st. Lt. Howard Esmonds/ Ashland/ Wounded 7-3-63
2. Sgt. Dan Jones/ Captured 8-1-63 dies in Richmond12-30-63.
3. Corp. William Green.
4. Corp. David Reese.
5. Corp. Joseph Mann/ Ashland
6. Corp. James Johnston/ Frailley.
7. Corp. John Stonehouse/ Branch Township

8. Pvt. John Brennan/ Cass Township
9. Pvt. Calvin Brower/ Frailey.
10. Pvt. William Bainbridge/ Reilley Township.
11. Pvt. William Devine/ Reilley Township/ Capt. 8-27-63
12. Pvt. John Donnelly/ St. Clair/ Captured and dies in Richmond.
13. Pvt. Fredrick Gunther/ Minersville.
14. Pvt. Daniel Kent/ Frailley.
15. Pvt. George Kries/ Frailley.
16. Pvt. James Lawler/ New Castle/ KIA Mine RUn 11-18-63.
17. Pvt. Joseph Miller Bugler/ Butler Township.
18. Pvt. Erneiquildo Marquez Bugler/ Pottsville.
19. Pvt. John Mealey/ Cass Township.
20. Pvt. Larry Mc Knight/ Branch Township.
21. Pvt. James McCabe/ St. Clair/ Captured 11-29-63 dies at Andersonville.
22. Pvt. William Knoble.
23. Pvt. Christian Ochner/ Minersville.
24. Pvt. Joseph Patton/ Branch Township.
25. Pvt. Andrew Wilson/ Ashland
26. Pvt. George Wilson/ Donaldson/ KIA July 3 1863 Gettysburg.
27. Pvt. William Waterhouse/ Reilley Township./ Captured 1-27- 64 and dies in Andersonville.
28. Pvt. Calvin D. Wright/ Donaldson.
29. Pvt. George Kriese/ Tremont.

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Cavalry Corps, 2nd Div. 3rd Brig.
307 engaged 1k

Monument located Hancock Ave.
" Detatched on the morning of July 2nd from the brigade at the junction of White Run and the Baltimore Turnpike, ordered to report to HQ. Supported a battery temporarily near this position. On picket at night, retiring late on the afternoon of the 3rd to 2nd Cavalry Div."

The regiment was armed with 165 Sharps carbines, 166 Colt Army 44's and 42 Colt Navy 36's. The men carried 203 light sabers.

1. Capt. W.K. Lineweaver Co. F/ Moved to Pottsville.
2. Pvt. Isaac Mease Co. F/ Tower City.

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry
9 Co. Cavalry Corps, 1st Div., Reserve Brigade.
366 engaged 3k-7wd-2m

Monument located Emittsburg Road Nera Meade's HQ
" This regiment detached with 2nd corps covered the rear of the Army on the march from Virginia."

The regiment was armed with 231 Sharps carbines, 122 Colt Army 44's and 49 Navy 36's. The men also carried 276 sabers.

1. Corp. John Walker Co. C
2. Pvt. Daniel Christian Co. B/ Pottsville
3. Pvt. John Sauerbury Co. B
4. Pvt. John Richardson Co. E/ Wounded in Wilderness 5-7-64.
5. Pvt. Christian Stein Co. E/ Transferred to Co. E 2nd Prov. Cav.

" There was between 3000 and 5000 horses killed in the battle"

8th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Detached in Md. woth its Brigade.

1. Corp. John J. Payne Co.B Cressona.
2. Pvt. George Burton Co. K Cressona.
3. Pvt. James Moyer Co. M Tamaqua

4. Pvt. Andrew McCann Co. M Tamaqua.

" The Estimated total Number of Horses at Gettysburg was 72,243"

17th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Cavalry Cporps, 1st Div. 2nd Brig.
448 Engaged 4m.

Monument located Buford Ave.
" The regiment held this position on the morning of July 1, 1863
from 5 O'clock until the arrival of the 1st Corps troops. The brigade then moved to the right, covering the roads to Carlisle and Harrisburg and holding the enemy in check until relieved by troops of the Eleventh Corps. It then took position on the right of the infantry and later, aided in the retreat of the Eleventh Corps to Cemetery Hill, where it went into position with the division on the left of the army."
Note Company H did not arrive on the field until the afternoon of the 3rd.

Companies D and H were on detached service at Fifth Corps headquarters and did not participate in the first days fight. Captain Thompson served directly under General Meade and rode with him over the battlefield on the morning of the second. Company H would be on continuous duty during the on the second and was positioned on Culp's Hill during the famous charge of Pickett on the third.

Company H

The regiment was armed with 127 Smith carbines 108 Merrill carbines 4 Colt army 44's and 392 Remington 44 revolvers. They also carried 376 light sabers.

1. Capt William Thompson/ Pottsville.
2. 1stLt. William Allen/ Pottsville
3. 2nd Lt. George Garrett/ Pottsville.
4. Sgt. Thomas Hoch/
5. Sgt. acob Schlabeman/
6. Sgt. J. E. Fertig
7. Sgt. John Smith/
8. Corp. Emanuel Moyer
9. Corp. George Herring/
10. Corp. Franklin Rhoades/ Tremont/ Vet 1865
11. Corp. Joseph Beadle/
12. Corp. William Douty/
13. Pvt. saddler Philip Artz/
14. Pvt. Samuel Beaber/ Ringtown
15. Pvt. Jonas Bankus/ Ringtown
16. Pvt. Lewis Bankus/ Ringtown
17. Pvt. George Bankus/Ringtown.
18. Pvt. Joseph Bitler/
19. Pvt. Jacob Baker/
20. Pvt. Isaac Blue/ Barnesville.
21. Pvt. Emanuel Bolich/ Barry Township
22. Pvt. John P. Clauser/ Branch Township.
23. Pvt. George Doutel/
24. Pvt. Henry F. Denglar/ Barry Township/ Shot in the leg 64.
Company H 17th.

25. Pvt. Daniel Derr/ Barry Township.
26. Pvt. Ellis Derr/ Barry Township.
27. Pvt. Charles Eyster/
28. Pvt. Peter Feterolf/ Ashland.
29. Pvt. Bennville Ganker/
30. Pvt. Daniel Hoy/ Ravine.
31. Pvt. John Hoffa/
32. Pvt. Thomas Halley/
33. Pvt. Benj. Klock/ Barry Township.
34. Pvt. Lewis Langdon/
35. Pvt. Phil Lukner/
36. Pvt. Levi Michael/
37. Pvt. Dan McDonald/ New Phila.
38. Pvt. Solomon Maury/ Gordon.
39. Pvt. William Markle/Shennandoah.
40. Pvt. Daniel McMullion/
41. Pvt. William Michael/
42. Pvt. John Norris/
43. Pvt. Solomon Obenhauser/
44. Pvt. Elias Reed/Pottsville.
45. Pvt. Daniel Rumbel/ Pottsville.
46. Pvt. Frank Schrope/
47. Pvt. Mike Schober/
48. Pvt. John Snyder/
49. Pvt. Isaac Sell/
50. Pvt. Charles S. Troy/
51. Pvt. Jacob Werner/
52. Pvt. Jonas Weiss/Butler Township.
53. Pvt. Isaac Yarnell/ Ashland.
54. Pvt. Hiram Yorkey/
55. Pvt. Jacob Zimmerman/
56. Pvt. William Zimmerman/

1st US Cavalry: Christ Bloomfield, Samuel Cover, Patrick Gilmore, Francis Leman, Henry Miller

5th US Cavalry: Captain Edward T. Leib, John H. Wilson, Charles Weaver

6th US Cavalry:
William Everly
Morris Everly
Thomas Turner
John Kane
Thomas Kelly
Corporal William H. Mattern (Co H)
John Bird (Co D)
Benjamin Mills (Co A)
Henry Fields (Co A)
Abraham Heck (Co A)
Martin Lawler (Co A)
James Brennan (Co A)
Sergeant Charles Lucas (Co A)
Joseph Davies (Co A)

" The Federal Cavalry Corps in the battle of Gettysburg lost 5 Officers 86 enlisted men killed, 39 officers 315 enlisted men wounded and 8 officers 399 enlisted men captured or missing."

Artillery Men From
Schuylkill County.

1st Artillery
43rd Regiment.
Battery F & G
Ricketts Battery.

6 Ordnance Rifles 144 men engaged.

Monument located on East Cemetary Hill.
"July 2nd. Reached the field and took this position in the afternoon and engaged the Rebel batteries on Benners Hill. 8P.M. A rebel column charged the battery and a desperate hand to hand conflict ensued which was repulsed after every round of canister had been fired."

1. Corp. Eugene Moore/

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I've turned up the following Schuykill County members from regular cavalry regiments present at the battle, and thought you might want to include them:

1st US Cavalry: Christ Bloomfield, Samuel Cover, Patrick Gilmore, Francis Leman, Henry Miller

5th US Cavalry: Captain Edward T. Leib, John H. Wilson, Charles Weaver

6th US Cavalry:
William Everly
Morris Everly
Thomas Turner
John Kane
Thomas Kelly
Corporal William H. Mattern (Co H)
John Bird (Co D)
Benjamin Mills (Co A)
Henry Fields (Co A)
Abraham Heck (Co A)
Martin Lawler (Co A)
James Brennan (Co A)
Sergeant Charles Lucas (Co A)
Joseph Davies (Co A)

Source: History of Schuykill County, PA with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers (New York: W.W. Munsell & Co, 1881)

Found online at:

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